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Equipment warranty scope and maintenance

01The equipment has a free warranty of one year. Provide lifelong technical support.

02Equipment damage caused by human factors, natural disasters, non equipment quality factors, and force majeure is not covered by the warranty;

03The equipment arrives at the location of the purchaser, and the supplier is responsible for installation, debugging, and training 1-2 operators of the purchaser. The purchaser conducts acceptance of the equipment in accordance with the contract provisions, and both parties sign an acceptance report. Customers can send personnel to our company for system training on laser principles, followed by on-site training on installation and debugging. Alternatively, according to the customer's needs, our engineers can provide training at the location of the demander.

Free warranty period

1. The complete machine has a free warranty period of one year. Provide technical support at any time.
2. Within 48 hours of receiving notification, the company's after-sales service personnel shall arrive at the customer's side within the customer service response time.
Lifetime maintenance service

1.In addition to enjoying a one-year free warranty period for the machine, users also enjoy lifelong maintenance services for the machine.
2. During the one-year warranty period, provide on-site regular equipment inspections.
3. Users enjoy freeware upgrade.
4.During the lifetime maintenance period, components that are damaged and replaced will be charged at cost.
Delivery method

1. Provide dedicated vehicles for door-to-door delivery or logistics, with wooden boxes for protective and safe packaging. And engineers will conduct on-site training until normal production, followed by equipment acceptance.
2. Provide on-site self pickup, train and learn at the factory, and logistics transportation will be carried out after passing the inspection.
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